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General InfoEdit

There are many types of spells in Magicka. The properties of spells are decided by the way you cast your spells, the order you cast the elements and obviously which elements you use.

Spells can be conjured at any time, as opposed to Magicks which must be learned from Tomes before they can be applied.

Useful CombinationsEdit

The following is a sorted list of various spells that have been identified. If you know a good recipe for a useful spell, share it with the rest of the wizard community!

Generally, spells fall into one of several categories:

Body shieldEdit

Body shields are defensive armors you can use to get more health, but will slow you down. You can use this to get close to the enemy and use your short ranged spells. You could also use it with the magick Haste to move normally, but with more health.


Barriers are your main defensive tool in the quest to save Midgård. Typical Barriers are meant to create physical distance between the caster and his enemies, allowing one to catch their breath, stop an oncoming assault (magical or physical) or prepare a new spell of their own. Variations to this rule exist in two forms: magical Mines which are magical traps that do not hamper movement but cause various special effects; and Elemental Walls which (mostly) allow free passage, but cause various harmful effects.

Casting a Barrier spell with Area creates a circular shield (ring) around the caster, while casting it with Force creates a curved wall-like barrier.

Lightning Ring

Lightning Wall cast with Area, creating a Lightning Ring.


Projectiles spells typically hit hard and fast, causing a fair amount of splash damage (area-of-effect damage) to nearby enemies and often causing knockdown of foes. Their drawback is the long time they require to fully charge-up.

Casting a Projectile spell with Area causes a shock wave around the caster, which is generally less harmful than it's Force counterpart, but more likely to cause knockdown and easier to pull-off when cornered.

  • Heal Bomb - Earth+Life - Cast with Area or Force
  • Ice Bomb - Ice+Earth - Cast with Area or Force
  • Fireball - Earth+Fire - Cast with Area or Force
  • Arcane Fireball - Earth+Fire+Arcane - Cast with Area or Force
  • Spikey Ice Ball - Ice+Water+Earth - Cast with Force and add more Earth to make the ball bigger and do more damage
  • Icicles - Ice+Water - Cast with Area or Force
  • Arcane Icicles - Ice+Water+Arcane - Cast with Area or Force
  • Lightning icicles - cold+water+lightning
  • Arcane lightning icicles - cold+water+lightning+arcane.

Spray AttacksEdit

Spray attacks are spells in which the attack is sprayed in front of the wizard in a cone. These attacks can be very useful in attacking large groups of enemies and can be modified for almost any situation. The more of 1 element you add the stronger that elements effect will become and the further the spray will travel.

Beam SpellsEdit

Beam spells are powerful long-range attacks, allowing the caster to apply increasing amounts of damage over an extended duration. Their drawback is the slow turn-rate that prevents the caster from effectively reacting to new threats without stopping the spell, and the fact that they don't cause any knock-back on enemies.

Beam spells can be cast with Area casting to cause an explosive discharge around the caster (nova).

  • Death Ray - Arcane - Cast with Force.
  • Fire Beam - Fire+Arcane Cast with Force.
  • Lightning Beam - Lightning+Arcane - Cast with Force.
  • Thunderbolt Beam - Steam+Lightning+Arcane+Lightning - Cast with Force.
    * The same elemental combination is used for the Magick Thunder Bolt.
  • Water, Lightning Beam - Steam + Lightning + Lightning + Arcane + Arcane + Cold (makes Water, Lightning, Lightning, Arcane, Arcane)
  • Fire Lightning Beam - Fire+Fire+Lightning+Lightning+Arcane - A beam of multi-element damage that looks cool and deals decent damage.
  • Steam lightning arcane

    Steam, Lightning, Arcane, Lightning, Arcane Beam just before it ends. Because of the picture being before it ends, the full extend of the damage is not shown (which is 6477) Beam cast on Vlad, this is safe as he will not die.

  • Steam, Lightning, Arcane Beam - Steam + Lightning +Arcane + Lightning + Arcane (Very strong beam, can deal up to 6477 damage per beam. You can see the total damage a beam does by casting it on Vlad anywhere in the first few chapters after he talked to you, and is just standing there. He won't die from this.)
  • Steam, Lightning, 3X Arcane - Steam + Lightning + Arcane + Arcane + Arcane (Even more powerful than previous beam, this beam can deal over 8000 damage)

Other SpellsEdit

This section is for other spells that dont really fit into the other catagorys

  • Healing Ice Walls - Ice + Water + Life + Shield - Summons ice walls that heal you when they first appear When they self destruct after a few seconds they heal you again Best used with Area as they will insta heal you entirely

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