Rogue RobeEdit

"As the smoke settled, the trickster wizard was nowhere to be found. The poison was beginning to take it's toll, and it soon would be all over."Edit

Rogue robe is a robe that can be obtained by buying Magicka's "Party Robes" -DLC, along with Support Robe and Tank Robe.


The look of a Purple Rogue robe

Using this robe, you gain:

- Increased movement speed

- Decreased health

- Blocking makes you invisible

Weapon: Compact Crossbow Staff: Smoke Bombs Compact Crossbow


As your health is low and you're fastest robe, your best way to fight is to poison enemies and keep your distance. Using beam attacks and your poison arrows, but keep in mind that some enemies are immune to poison (Spiders, Zombies). Whenever you get damage, try to heal it when you can, and be extremely careful when fighting against enemies able to use fire, afterburn can kill you surprisingly fast. You dont need to pick other weapons if you dont want, since the starting weapons are pretty good for this robe. Possibly other ranged weapons if you dont like weak arrows and poison, and any staff that fits your playstyle. See Equipment

Good strategy against slow/medium slow enemy (Group) is to poison them (If possible) or slow them with ice, using haste to get some distance to enemies, and then taking 5 rock elements and launching fully charged shot

Your smoke bombs also become able to use quite fast, and you only need to push one button to use it, so it's very good way to get around obstacles. (For example, in tutorial, you can easily skip parts from it, or the whole tutorial and get to the final room)

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