Magicks are powerful spells featured in the Magicka series that the player can cast by combining elements in a specific order. Some of them won't be available to the player until its Tome has been found, others will be acquired automatically at certain points in the game.

List of MagicksEdit

Magicks Elements Key Stroke Location Required DLC
BlizzardColdIceCold[RRQR]Chapter 6
CharmLifeEarthShield[WED]Chapter 9
ConflagrationSteamFireSteamFireSteam[QFFFQFFQ]*Chapter 4
ConfuseArcaneShieldLightning[SEA]Chapter 1Jan 26, 2012 Patch
CorporealizeArcaneSteamLightningShieldArcane[SQFAES]*Chapter 11
Crash To DesktopLightningLightningFireLife[AAFW]Chapter 1Mea Culpa DLC
FearColdArcaneShield[RSE]Chapter 9
GreaseWaterEarthLife[QDW]Chapter 1
HasteLightningArcaneFire[ASF]Chapter 1
InvisibilityArcaneShieldSteamArcane[SEQFS]*Chapter 11
Meteor ShowerFireEarthSteamEarthFire[FDFQDF]*Chapter 1Wizard's Survival Kit DLC
NullifyArcaneShield[SE]Chapter 2
RainWaterSteam[QQF]Chapter 2
Raise DeadIceEarthArcaneCold[QRDSR]*Chapter 9
ReviveLifeLightning[WA]Chapter 1
Summon DeathArcaneColdIceColdArcane[SRRQRS]Chapter 10
Summon ElementalArcaneShieldEarthSteamArcane[SEDQFS]*Chapter 11
Summon PhoenixLifeLightningFire[WAF]Chapter 8
TeleportLightningArcaneLightning[ASA]Chapter 7
Thunder BoltSteamLightningArcaneLightning[QFASA]*Chapter 3
Thunder StormSteamSteamLightningArcaneLightning[QFQFASA]*Chapter 8
Time WarpColdShield[RE]Chapter 5
TornadoEarthSteamWaterShieldSteam[DQFQQF]*Chapter 4
VortexIceArcaneIceShieldIce[RQSRQERQ]*Chapter 12
DLC Exclusive Magicks
Magicks Elements Key Stroke Location Required DLC
Chain LightningLightningLightningLightning[AAA]Chapter 2The Stars Are Left
LevitationSteamArcaneSteam[QFSQF]*Chapter 2The Stars Are Left
PortalSteamLightningShield[QFAE]Chapter 3The Stars Are Left
Propp's Party PlasmaFireSteamArcane[FFQS]Chapter 2The Stars Are Left
Tractor PullEarthArcane[DS]Chapter 1The Stars Are Left
Unused Magicks
Magicks Elements Key Stroke

External LinksEdit

Guide - Magicks, Moose and Secret Area locations

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