228px-Jormungandr lunge
Vital statistics
Name Jormungandr
Gender Male
Race Giant Snake
Hitpoints 10000
Weakness Element Shield
Speed {{{speed}}}
Regeneration {{{regeneration}}}
Location Fornskogur Forest, Midgård
Appears in Magicka
(Chapter 2: Attack of the Goblins)

Jormungandr, also known as the Guardian of the Tree, is a giant snake featured in Magicka.


Jormungandr appears towards the end of Chapter 2: Attack of the Goblins, after the wizards have passed through the village of Veiditorp and battled their way through goblins to the outskirts of the Fornskogur Forest. Vlad appears to warn the players that the area they are in was once the domain of Jormungandr, the Guardian of the Tree. Suddenly, Jormungandr appears and Vlad conveniently teleports to safety, leaving the wizards to battle the giant snake.

Jormungandr is susceptible to element shield and earth attacks, and his head is his weakness. He can also be killed easily using Grease magick.


  • The player may cast a shield dome spell and boost it to maximum power, then wait for ground to rumble beneath them and flee the dome. When Jormungandr bursts from the ground, he will damage himself upon colliding with the shield dome.
  • Alternatively, the player can spread Grease across the ground and ignite it with Fire magick. Continue spreading Grease across the ground and it will catch fire, damaging Jormungandr especially when he puts his head through it.


  • Killing Jormungandr earns the player the Solid Snake achievement.

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