In-game description

The Frost Staff is a wieldable staff. It can be found in the 2. chapter.

Description: Edit

"Side effect may include frostburn, hypothermia, and the common cold" Passive Ability: Cold Immunity Aura.

Active Ability: None

Location: Edit

In the fifth map-part of the 2. chapter, is a cave at the west part. Inside the cave is a troll you will have to fight, and a fridge. Interact with the fridge and it will open. Inside is the Frost Staff. Edit

Opinion: Edit

First of all, just so you know, the described side effects will not accure if you carry this staff. They will, acctually, never accure because of the Cold-Immunity-Aura the staff will give you. Still, the lack of an Active Ability and the fact, that enemys using Cold-Element will appear in late game only, this staff is not something you should waste your only staff-socket on. The Cold-Immunity-Aura will also affect enemys in a great radius, so your cold-magick becomes useless. There is no build requiring this staff, too. Edit