Elements are the foundation of every spell. Each spell consists of at least one element, but they can also be combined in any number of ways. Spell effects may be stacked to amplify their power, and some combinations of elements even produce additional effects. Certain elements are grouped under the same Element Type.

Defensive Elements
Cone Beam Special Cone
Offensive Elements

List of ElementsEdit

Arcane Arcane (Beam) [S]
Cold Cold (Spray) [R]
Earth Earth (Projectile) [D]
Fire Fire (Spray) [F]
Life Life (Beam) [W]
Lightning Lightning (Special) [S]
Shield Shield (Special) [E]
Water Water (Spray) [Q]
Steam (WaterFire)Steam (Spray) [QF], [FQ]
Ice (WaterCold)Ice (Projectile) [QR], [RQ]


Each element can be "Queued Up" by pressing its key. Right clicking (by default) will cast the elements as a "spell" in their primary cast form (explained below). Up to 5 elements can be queued up at a time. Except for shield, each elements can be queued more than once to increase its effects.

Six elements are opposed to each other. Queuing their vertical counterpart will "dispel" (un-queue) the other. ShieldShield and EarthEarth will not do this. Queuing Fire Fire with Ice Ice will reduce it to Water Water. Queuing Cold cold with Steam Steam will reduce it to Water Water. Earth Earth and Lightning Lightning are also counter and will "dispel" each other.

If Ice Ice is queued and Lightning lightning is added, then Fire fire can be queued to change the ice back to water. they can then be cast, but the water will not soak the target until after the casting, thus the lightning does not get increased damage. If any other element is queued after this, the two will cancel.

Element Primary Cast TypesEdit

Each element has a primary cast type. When mixed with other types one cast style will take president. Projectile will take president over all. beam will take president over spray/cone. Projectile Element>Beam Element>Spray Element

Projectile ElementEdit


Earth is one of the Projectile elements.

A Projectile is a primary cast type in the game Magicka. These elements have similar characteristics. They are also called solid elements. Spells containing projectile elements shoot concentrated projectiles (or, when mixed with shield, create a wall of earth or ice) in front of the caster.

Projectile Elements:

Beam ElementEdit


A Elements is an Element Type in the game Magicka. These elements have similar characteristics. Spells containing beam elements and not containing projectile elements shoot a concetrated, straight beam of element (or, when mixed with shield, create a set of magic mines) in front of the caster when force-cast.

Beam Elements:

Spray ElementEdit


A Elements is an Element Type in the game Magicka. These elements have similar characteristics. Spells consisting of only spray elements create a conic-shaped stream of element (or, when mixed with shield, a storm of element) in front of the wizard when force-cast.

Spray Elements:



The shield will place a magic shield in an arch.

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