Chapter 2: The Fornskogur Horror is the first chapter featured in Magicka: The Stars Are Left.


After defeating Parker, Lord of the Underworld, the wizards travel through the moist caves and emerge some time later near the village of Veiditorp. It is now nighttime, and the wizards witness a group of cultists performing a summoning ritual in a wheat field, spawning the abomination Shoggoth. The players must then defeat both Shoggoth and the cultists as well as a band of goblins before they are able to enter the village.

In the village, the wizards speak with Edgar, who recognizes them from their journey in Magicka. After getting annoyed with the wizards, he offers them the Magick book Propp's Party Plasma.

The wizards then continue through Fornskogur Forest, having to battle more cultists and their frog-like minions known as Deep Ones, as well as the Enderman. Eventually reaching the village of Outsmouth, Vlad appears and suggests they thoroughly search the village. The wizards may find The Levitation book and Umi's Trident before they are attacked near the lake by Dagon, Fishmaster of the Seven Seagulls.

After being defeated, Dagon retreats to the town hall and sucks the wizards into a portal transporting them to his realm, the nightmare corpse-city of R'lyeh.

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