Alucart is the main playable character from the Magicka DLC game mode "The Other Side of the Coin". He is a vampire that appears to have a vendetta against Vlad, seeking him during a peaceful meeting between humans, elves and dwarves for revenge.

Besides basic Magicks, Alucart starts with Revive and Haste. However, using Life on himself will cause injury. He can only recover health with his Life Drain ability, biting anything alive (be it NPC people, enemies, or horses) to drink their blood. This makes the game harder, requiring more skill from players and strategic use of Shields to avoid damage.

In multiplayer, the host will be Alucart while the other characters will be Necromancers. As the Necromancers can recover through the use of absorbing Arcane attacks, in an emergency Alucart can drain their blood to recover, the Necromancers then using Arcane on themselves.


Alucart's equipment is unique to him, and he can't pick staves from fallen enemies and allies.

The Rapier of RevengeEdit

It was a gift from Alucart's old master a long time ago.

  • Damage Type: Low Physical
  • Special: Fast, Armor Piercing

Vampiric PowerEdit

Alucart is too proud to use staves, and instead relies on his own powers.

  • Passive Ability: Inverses damage taken from Life.
  • Passive Ability: Arcane immunity.
  • Active Ability: Alucart charges forward and feeds on a target, healing his wounds


  • Alucart appears to be based on the vampire Alucard.

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